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singing earth, listening people
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lidia buonfino: anima doro & the music makers: the celtic years prana: earth my body fred hageneder: the spirit of trees fred hageneder: the silence of trees
01 Birch
02 Rowan
03 Ash
04 Willow
05 Larch
05 Linden
07 Elm
08 Beech
09 Oak
10 Yew

fred hageneder: spirit of trees
fred hageneder:
the spirit of trees

cd, 66 minutes

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Music for the trees

Ten compositions inspired by ten trees of Europe and the temperate zone. And the music is as diverse as the trees. This is biodiversity in the realm of music! From the graceful Birch to Oak in a thunderstorm, from sunlight in the Ash to the moon in the Willow, from Larch in the winter frost to bees humming in the Linden tree, from the lively Rowan to the silence of Yew which comes from a world beyond time.

Acoustic music with elements of world, folk, rock, blues and jazz, performed on harp in dialogue with flute, violin or guitar. Dynamic arrangements for string quartet, as well as percussion and double bass. 'Elm' is written for harp and tenor saxophone – a unique and hauntingly beautiful combination of sounds.

Fred Hageneder Fred Hageneder has been playing Celtic harp since 1983. After some intensive years in Celtic folk bands he began to explore medieval music, followed by free theatre work and jazz sessions. With The Spirit of Trees he returned to his roots in 2001.

This is a new release of the 2001 album with the same name (and an old yew tree on the front cover). All songs have been remastered.

the players:
fred hageneder 40-string tyrolean pedal harp, 31-string clarsach (gut), 30-string clarsach (iron), guitar, bouzouki, saz
carlos alvarez flute
dorothea greve bodhran
henry sears violin
aristazabal hawks double bass
martin shaw bells, congas, drums
helen sherrah-davies violin
antonia pagulatos violin
karen o’brien viola
samantha rowe violincello
bees humming
dave mckeown tenor sax, clarinet
andrew mckenzie electric guitar
ross gardiner electric guitar
nigel shaw yew wood flute, high whistle